Birthday in Covid-19 times

After the quarantine period, we are still a little anxious and afraid, normal for many of us to choose to avoid large crowds of people. But what about the birthday celebration?

How about choosing to enjoy this date with a more intimate celebration, with few and selected friends, or just between family where everyone will have the experience of staying overnight, in huts that refer to the old children's game of making sheet huts in the middle of the room ?

It is certainly a night that pleases adults and children alike!

Our Pijama Party proposal is ideal for this type of event, we are specialists in creating magical environments and full of details designed to provide an unforgettable and very unique birthday night.

For a birthday, we have selected some ideas that can easily be increased according to the personal taste of each family.


Bedtime stories have been told since forever, doesn't it? Are the stories you tell in childhood the same as we tell children today? What childhood story is an old acquaintance of yours that your child has never heard of? Classics like João and Maria or Goldilocks are little known today. Or the Swiss classic Heidi and his adventures. For a birthday with teenagers, one idea is to sing suspense or horror stories, always fun and guaranteed to scare you!


Board games are very important and everyone loves the classic real estate bank or image and action. But the good old stop game is also often a hit at events like this, and we just need a pen and paper!


How about organizing many clues around the house that lead to a collective treasure, a prize for the group, can be a movie session, a basket of a candies or a souvenir kit for each child.


How about setting up the fashion week for pijamas? Every guest parades on the catwalk with his pijama look, laughter is guaranteed


Do not forget an amazing menu: What is the main food that night? The birthday boy's favorite dish? The traditional cake for the congratulations? The birthday classic, the dear hot dog? Pizza? Mini burger? There are many options and menus that can be adapted to all tastes and budget.

Finally, don't forget the grand finale, prepare a breakfast together with a table set super animated!

We serve throughout Switzerland, In Winterthur, Basel and neighboring regions. Contact us and request a quote!

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